Oxyprolane Hair & Nails

“Rich in precursors of collagen and wheat germ oil, OXYPROLANE is consumed at the rate of one capsule per day if all goes well, and two capsules daily if désydratation is severe. After three months, you will find a glowing and radiant skin.”

24€ (incl VAT) / 30 capsules   / 49€ (incl VAT) / 90 capsules

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OXYPROLANE Hair and Nails is a dietary supplement in the form of 30 or 90 capsules.

OXYPROLANE Hair & Nails stimulates the growth and vitality of the hair and nails.

Providing nutrients and vitamins needed for healthy growth of hair and nails, Hair & OXYPROLANE Nails used to repair brittle hair, split ends, dull, lifeless, greasy …

Modern life associated with loss of form, the change of seasons and other nutritional imbalances are tough your hair. Often due to stress, poor diet, iron deficiency, aggressive treatment repeated … the damaged hair requires appropriate care and effective for treatment in depth.

Starting with food, these capsules provide the bloodstream nutrients necessary for the proper development of keratin, the main component hair and nails. To nourish from within, optimally, your damaged hair.

Indeed, when the body is neglected, the first cells to suffer are the cells to rapid turnover, those of the skin and hair. This is why we must monitor our lifestyle in general. Here are 4 tips to help you improve:

    • as we have seen above, the diet plays a vital role in the health of our hair. Emphasize intake essential to good hair growth nutrients, namely zinc, magnesium, iron, protein and vitamin B. Also make sure to best comply with the acid-base balance in your diet. Our current lifestyles tend to bring more acidic and basic substances, which negatively affects the health of our hair. In general, eating too much meat, cereals and sugar; and not enough vegetables, fruits and vegetables.
    • Do not stress! Stress triggers, at the scalp, reactions such as compression of blood vessels, reduced irrigation roots … which eventually lead to hair loss.
    • sport, as we know, it is good for health. Well, that includes health of our hair. Eliminating toxins and improving our blood circulation, sport contributes to the proper delivery of nutrients to the scalp.
    • A good shampoo. Be alert to the ingredients in your shampoo, silicone and paraben example are banned.

Improve the quality of your hair by a course of OXYPROLANE Hair & Nails . This is the effective solution to fill various types of deficiency encountered during seasonal changes such or metabolic disturbances, often cause problems capillaries.

OXYPROLANE Hair & Nails is rich in active ingredients essential for healthy growth of hair and nails. It will bring the nutrients and vitamins that will make your hair and nails strong and shiny.

DOSAGE: 1 capsule daily for 3 to 6 months

composition for capsule: Hyaluronic Acid (HA): 5 mg, powder wheat ceramides: 100 mg Glucosamine 100 mg Pumpkin Seed Extract 35 mg, Vitamin B8: 50 mcg Vitamin B6: 2 mg, Vitamin B5: 6 mg Vitamin E: 12 mg, Vitamin PP: 10 mg Zinc: 10 mg Iron: 3 mg, Copper 1 mg

Origin: France Net Weight: 11.5 g (Box 30) / 34.5 g (Box of 90)

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