Oxyprolane Anti Wrinkles

 “Following positive results with skin healing observed by several cosmetic surgery practitioners, a formal clinical study is currently undergoing in the cosmetic, aesthetics and reconstructive division of a French hospital.”


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If beauty, rejuvenation and skin care can be preserved through regular care as to maintain skin hydration and thus delay aging symptoms such as wrinkles, all the studies on the best anti-wrinkles solutions agree to grant consistent nutrient intakes prominently in conservation characteristics of youth against external attacks. OXYPROLANE, nutitional supplement, may thus help your skin to “go back in time” and reverse the effects of age and wrinkles, caused mainly by the loss of collagen and decreased protein synthesis.

As skin ages, it loses its flexibility due to the reduction of its level natural Hyaluronic acid, creating wrinkles that we see every day – mostly crow’s feet, frown lines, eyes, forehead. A natural product OXYPROLANE was made by Bio-Research Laboratories, from Amino Acids oily fish, fished deep to avoid pollution, fish oil and krill, rich in phospholipids and of Carotenoids derived from seaweed and Vitamin C, providing essential nutrients for protein synthesis, and thus anti-aging solution offering true 100% natural and effective, allowing a significant reduction of facial wrinkles and skin wrinkles.

A totally natural anti aging, anti-blemish and anti wrinkle solution,OXYPROLANE derives its benefits from providing the body with the essential nutrients required for protein synthesis (Collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin), allowing the skin to age less quickly and regenerate more easily by restoring radiance and firmness, blurring wrinkles visibly and fast.

Rapidly absorbed by your body, OXYPROLANE will start working immediately, without side effects ; Totally affordable compared to plastic or laser surgery, it is also 100% safe for sensitive skins.

Formulated as a result of several years of research in our laboratory Pharmaceutical treatment product anti aging / wrinkle OXYPROLANE will help fade naturally most of your wrinkles, allowing your skin to rejuvenate and look younger and firmer less than 3 months. Developed from natural ingredients multiplying the benefits associated with natural amino acids contained in fish and shellfish, we believe that OXYPROLANE anti aging will quickly become the main tool for your daily battle against skin aging.

Product truly revolutionary treatment of aging skin, our anti aging solution is available as a dietary supplement so that you can take with you wherever you were and – consequently – can receive daily its benefits so simple and effective.

Prescribed by many Dermatologists and Cosmetic Surgeons, both in city and in hospital, OXYPROLANE is an anti-aging / anti aging particularly effective helps erase fine lines / wrinkles on the face, which is both skin young (30-35 years), as mature skin wrinkles already marked – in addition, it is suitable for both men and women.

PRECAUTIONS OF USE: Not suitable for people allergic to fish and shellfish.


During surgical intervention, the skin suffers deep trauma : the incision cuts through the three layers which make up the skin: the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. The physiological process of healing involves regenerating new epithelium in order to restore the skin’s original characteristics. This process depends largely on nutritional factors. Oxyprolane helps speeding-up significantly this regeneration

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